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We put on a free two week camp in the summer for kids that may not get the opportunity to attend other camps. The kids learned different sports and arts during the two week.

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When SYC was founded in 2002, the possibilities for what we could do were limitless. Through the years, the youth that have participated have been diverse and interested in many different things. Projects are always shifting and transforming as students come and go through middle and high school. Although projects may change, some broad ideas and beliefs have remained constant; our members have always been passionate about changing their community. 

Shawnee Youth Coalition



Volunteer Hours in 2017

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We have been doing projects in the community for over 15 years. These projects can vary every year depending on what we want to change. 

Our Impact:

​Since our start in 2002, Shawnee Youth Coalition has been working on making a positive impact in the community. Our hope is to empower other youth in middle and high school to join and help make change happen one project at a time. 

Our Mission:


Our mission is to establish pride in our community by being a positive youth movement. We impact all generations by creating mutual respect through service and through the betterment of our community, our state, and ourselves. Together we are acting on a passion for change and improvement. 





Through service projects, awareness, events, and meetings the coalition as a whole served the community a total of 100+ hours.

The Shawnee Youth Coalition

Years Serving Our Community

Our Leaders:

Shawnee Youth Coalition is led by high school students ranging from 10th-12th grade. The co-leaders plan, organize, and run the meetings. Every year members of the coalition who want to be a co-leader fill out an application. This year we have three co-leaders of Shawnee Youth Coalition: Paige Iddings, Kayla Casteel, and Jordyn Sateren. They are all sophomores at Shawnee High School.

Our Mission:


​Youth empower youth to change and improve the community through service and awareness.

Back to School Bash: September 13 6:00-7:30

1st Meeting: September 246:30-7:30

2nd Meeting: October 8 6:30-7:30

3rd Meeting: October 22 6:30-7:30

4th Meeting: November 5 6:30-7:30

5th Meeting: November 26 6:30-7:30

6th Meeting: December 10 6:30-7:30